Residential Furniture Repair Services

Our Pro Furniture Doctor team, led by Mr. Kim, can take a worn, damaged sofa, chair, divan, love seat, etc. and literally restore it to its former glory from the inside out. (read more)

Commercial Furniture Repair Services

We provide commercial furniture repair services to Law Firms, Banks, Real Estate, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Other Businesses.  We also offer service to furniture retailers. (read more)

Furniture Warranty Repair Services

We have been in charge of more than 9,000 La-Z-Boy repairs since 2004, and has been expert go-to Lazy Boy chair repair company all over Northern Virginia for years. (read more)

More than 30,000 repairs since 1987...

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Upholstery Repair

re-upholstery, padding adjustment, cushion replacement, fabric repair, furniture frame and structural repair, seam defects, panel repair and replacement, spring or frame repair, spot removal, re-stuffing (seat and back cushion), pat damage

Wood Furniture Repair

wood refinishing, touch up, polishing, nicks and dents, scratches, water marks repair, structural damage, broken joints, re-gluing antiques, part installation

Recliner Repair

recliner repair, mechanism replacement, parts adjustment, and structural repair, electronic component repair, stuffing adjustment, seat and back spring repair, parts installation, elimination of most squeaks

Commercial Furniture Repair

commercial furniture repair, restaurant furniture repair and installation

Furniture Spring Repair

we replace or repair furniture springs

These are only some of our service. We have provided our services to approximately 25,000 + customers since 1987 to today.

Old quality craftsmanship and our tested and proven advanced technology products make our Pro Furniture Doctor technicians un-matched in the industry. The restored furniture looks great and is very durable. You will be amazed with the quality of the repair. We guarantee our quality service


Testimonials from Our Customers

"Pro Furniture Doctor, Inc., has been providing repair services to our customers for over 8 years now. Their work has been exceptional. Most customers comment that it is better than factory's standards. Their personnel are very courteous and professional. We highly recommend Pro Furniture Doctor to anyone who needs furniture repair services."

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Over 30,000 furniture repaired at our furniture repair shop since 1987!