Furniture Frame Repair Services

Without a Good Frame, Everything Falls Apart: Trust Your Virginia Furniture Frame Repair Project to an Expert

The most critical part of a piece of furniture is the framework that holds it together. The upholstery, the padding, the mechanisms that make it work the way you need it to work are all important, naturally, but if the frame breaks, the furniture becomes entirely unusable. Depending on the piece of furniture, frame repair can be a tricky, time consuming project. Because each piece is different, a furniture frame repair job may involve a host of different materials and equipment for structural repairs. At the same time, some owners lament the loss of their favorite chair, sofa, table, dresser, etc. far too soon when part of the frame breaks. Here at Pro Furniture Doctor, we have saved many well-loved pieces—even ones the owners thought were beyond hope—through our highly-skilled craftsmanship, dedication and experience. So if you have a broken piece of furniture, don’t panic. We can help.

Rescuing a piece of furniture from a broken frame usually involves three critical aspects: the materials (what the frame is made out of), the structure of the piece, and its function. When there is a problem with the material of the frame itself, a combination of replacements may be necessary: if the wood is broken, splintered or warped, for example, it is important to make structural replacements to those materials that make sense for bolstering the piece’s strength without detracting from its value. Sometimes the bolts or glues used in a piece were faulty and need to be replaced. In any of these cases, we can usually make a sound judgment on what materials need reinforcing or replacing based on a visual evaluation. Simply take a digital picture of the affected areas of the furniture frame repair area (see samples) and upload them on our contact page. We will contact you very quickly about what we can do to save the piece.

In addition to the materials, how they were put together and what they are supposed to do have a significant bearing on what sort of work needs to be done on the furniture. Frame repair work, if done by an expert, can restore and strengthen the overall piece of furniture so that it will last longer and function beautifully for years to come. Many do-it-yourself jobs fail in this regard because, especially with older pieces of furniture, the owner may not consider that a structural problem in one area of the piece might also be weakening another area of the piece in ways that are not yet noticeable. This is why it is always best to consult with a furniture frame repair expert first so that the soundness of the entire piece can be evaluated. When we repair furniture frames, we always look at the whole piece of furniture, its structure and function and take all of those factors into account as we proceed.

Furniture frame repair jobs may also require specialized equipment and materials that are hard for do-it-yourselfers to find. If you don’t plan on repairing a lot of furniture in the future, it makes sense to trust an expert who already has all of the tools and experience necessary to get the job done right. We have been repairing furniture beautifully for a quarter of a century and have tens of thousands of happy residential and commercial Virginia furniture repair customers who won’t trust anyone but us with their furniture.

So if you have a beloved piece of furniture with frame problems, don’t despair. Contact us today and upload a picture of your piece for an evaluation and estimate. We can help!