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Every piece of furniture is different. Every piece has a personality, a history and memories, especially when the piece is an antique, or has been passed down in the family. When one of these special pieces needs refinishing, owners often wish they had the time to take care of the task themselves. And time is truly the biggest issue with furniture refinishing. Manassas, VA residents are busy people, and the truth is, refinishing a piece of furniture, especially an older piece that may have more than just sentimental value, can be a tricky, time-consuming project. More than that, it’s a process that cannot be rushed if you want good results. This is why it’s best, if you do not have the time, the tools and the patience to start a furniture refinishing project, to call the Manassas, VA Pro Furniture Doctor.


The unvarnished truth about refinishing projects is that 90 percent of success relies upon taking your time and preparing the piece properly. And about 90 percent of the refinishing failures come from not taking the appropriate amount of time while sanding, cleaning and priming before furniture refinishing. Manassas, VA customers of ours frequently bring in pieces they’d tried to refinish on their own, but impatient mistakes during those critical steps in the process frequently led to time-consuming project mistakes they simply did not have time to fix or finish. Many of them worried they had ruined the pieces forever. If you are worried about a furniture refinishing project, don’t. Our Manassas, VA team has saved thousands of pieces of furniture their owners thought were beyond repair.

Another problem many furniture owners face is the toxicity involved in the chemicals needed for stripping and priming when they are refinishing a piece of furniture. These chemicals can be caustic, the fumes can make you sick, and if you don’t have the proper location in or around your home, starting a project like this may pose some serious safety hazards. If you have pets or small children around the house who are prone to get into things they shouldn’t, now is the time to rethink a project of do-it-yourself furniture refinishing. Manassas, VA residents who decide they want to refinish their pieces themselves need to make sure they have a safe, very well-ventilated area, inaccessible to children and pets, where the project can take place over the course of several hours to several days. If you don’t have a place like this, call the Pro Furniture Doctor instead. We have the tools, the space, the equipment, materials and expertise needed for a perfect furniture refinishing job.

And back to the subject of time: a successful furniture refinishing project cannot be rushed. Skipping or rushing through any steps will significantly detract from the end product. Stripping off the old finish or paint, and then evenly sanding the piece takes time and patience. Cleaning the piece thoroughly afterward to make sure all of the sanding dust is removed ensures that the finish will look even and smooth. Unfortunately, many people rush through those initial, yet crucial steps because they are impatient to see the finished piece, or they are pressed for time. After the preparation, you need to wait until each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats, which is often another inconvenience for people working on furniture refinishing.

If you have a piece of furniture that needs to be refinished, call us at 571-379-7058 so we can discuss it. You can even go to our contact page to upload up to 3 digital pictures of your piece so that we can get an idea of what needs to be done and send you a quick estimate. We are devoted to precise, beautiful craftsmanship in furniture refinishing. Manassas, VA furniture owners can rest easy with their furniture in good hands at Pro Furniture Doctor.

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Post Author: Dan Kim

The founder of Pro Furniture Doctor, Daniel Kim, was the second son of Gil Kim who operated Sparkle Upholstery since 1987 in Alexandria, Virginia. Daniel Kim started upholstering at a young age and repaired over repairs over 30,000 since 1987.