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Whether you just discovered a worn antique bombé chest in your great aunt’s attic, or your La-Z-Boy recliner is broken, it’s time to call the Pro Furniture Doctor. We know that do-it-yourself furniture repair is extremely popular these days, but these projects can be tricky to do right and sometimes they can end badly. There are as many reasons to call for help as they are pieces that need furniture repair. Northern Virginia’s Pro Furniture Doctor has been turning broken, worn out, faded, water stained, cracked and otherwise damaged furniture into like-new, sturdy, beautiful pieces of furniture since 1987. With more than 25,000 satisfied customers, Daniel Kim explains why it’s best to consult with a furniture repair expert before trying a DIY job:

1. Hidden Hazards in DIY Furniture Repair: Virginia Expert Speaks Out:

Many people who want to repair their furniture fail to consider the hazards involved. Not only are there usually strong chemicals and fumes to deal with, but the equipment necessary can also cause injury if not used correctly. We cannot begin to count the number of times we’ve had customers come to us for help after they failed to either read the instructions on their equipment, were hurt by the fumes or chemicals in the materials they were using, or forgot to wear the necessary safety gear such as gloves and goggles. Even what appears to be a simple job can be very complex, and not knowing how to protect yourself and your property during a furniture repair in Virginia can become a costly mistake. Our entire team has the expertise necessary to do the job right, saving you the hassle of possible injury or further damage to your furniture or property

2. Materials for Furniture Repair in Northern Virginia

Depending on the job, it can be difficult to find the right materials for a good price for your furniture repair. Northern Virginia furniture owners often express concern about this. As individuals, it may be difficult to get hard-to-come-by or expensive materials, especially for antique furniture restorations. As furniture repair professionals, however, we have better access to and knowledge of the market, so we can get these materials for more reasonable prices than individuals can. We can also make sure you’re getting the highest quality materials for the job, because we know exactly what to look for.

3. Expertise in Furniture Repair: Virginia Pro Furniture Doctor Has It.

We’ve been repairing all kinds of furniture for over a quarter of a century. Our entire team has years of specialized training to handle practically any project, including rare antiques and mechanized furniture such as Lazy Boy recliners and sofas. Even for simple jobs, this expertise can mean the difference between a beautiful, long-lasting job and a botched attempt at furniture repair. Virginia furniture lovers can rest assured that we know exactly what needs to be done to take any piece of furniture from sad to sublime again.

4. Don’t Break Your Warranty: Call a Pro for Furniture Repair in Northern Virginia

If you have a piece of furniture that is under some kind of warranty (and this is particularly true of La-Z-Boy furniture repairs and other types of commercial or mechanical furniture), you could ruin your warranty if you try to repair it yourself. So to save yourself stress, time and money, contact us first. We have a long history of working professionally with La-Z-Boy dealers and manufacturers who continually come back to us for help with repairs.

If you have a piece of furniture that needs help, save yourself the hassle by calling us first. You can even take digital pictures of your furniture and send them to us from our contact page so that we can start discussing the project right away, which saves everybody time. Furniture repair in Virginia doesn’t have to be a hassle when you have a real pro on your side!

Call us at 571-379-7058 with any questions, and feel free to peruse our gallery for examples of how we turn Virginia furniture repair projects into masterpieces!

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Post Author: Dan Kim

The founder of Pro Furniture Doctor, Daniel Kim, was the second son of Gil Kim who operated Sparkle Upholstery since 1987 in Alexandria, Virginia. Daniel Kim started upholstering at a young age and repaired over repairs over 30,000 since 1987.