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Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen better days? Maybe it’s a set of Victorian-style chairs your great-grandmother used to have, or your dad’s favorite recliner. Maybe it’s a couch you got for your wedding 28 years ago. Is the furniture upholstery stained, torn, sagging or worn to thin shreds? You may think that your great aunt’s favorite reading chair is ready for the landfill, but think again. Here at Pro Furniture Doctor, we have managed all kinds of furniture reupholstery and upholstery repair projects for over 25,000 repairs since 1987, many of which were quite challenging. In each case, we were able to take those thrashed pieces of furniture and repair, refurbish and reupholster them so they looked even better than new.

Pro Furniture Doctor, Daniel Kim, literally grew up in the furniture upholstery business. His father ran a Virginia furniture reupholstery shop, where he learned from a young age how to handle tricky couch reupholstery projects and wood refinishing. As time went on, his education and skill in upholstery repair grew, right along with his reputation. Soon, large commercial furniture companies like La-Z-Boy and Lane were seeking Mr. Kim and his staff out for repairs and consultations.

Our Pro Furniture Doctor team, led by Mr. Kim, can take a worn, damaged sofa, chair, divan, love seat, etc. and literally restore it to its former glory from the inside out. His furniture reupholstery services even extend into repairing the frame or the structure of the chair, if necessary. Mr. Kim and his staff are very experienced in restoring and fortifying the underpinnings of the piece of furniture. After evaluating and repairing the frame and structure, the Pro Furniture Doctor evaluates and repairs the spring systems, replacing them if necessary.


After that, the cushion, padding and fills are refurbished. And finally, whether it’s a chair or a couch reupholstery project, Mr. Kim attends to the fabric or leather repair or replacement. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Kim and his staff consult with their customers so that the inner beauty and personal meaning of each piece are respected and the value of the furniture enhanced through the upholstery repair work.

We’d especially like to invite you to peruse our furniture upholstery repair gallery, which shows a long line of before and after pictures, as well as some “during” pictures demonstrating how things look during the middle of an upholstery repair job. You’ll notice that some of the original pieces were so damaged that their owners were initially skeptical that anything could be done to repair them. The after pictures, however, show how the Pro Furniture Doctor can breathe new life into an old classic through his expert furniture upholstery craftsmanship and attention to detail. In addition to personal pieces of furniture, you’ll also notice in the gallery that Mr. Kim handles commercial furniture repairs, such as couch reupholstery for restaurants.

So before you agonize for one more minute over the decision to throw out the chair in which your mom taught you how to read, call and talk with us here at Pro Furniture Doctor.

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