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Don't Panic if You Have Damaged Wood Furniture. Wood Repair is one of Our Specialties!

​There comes a time in life when your favorite piece of furniture needs wood repair work. Did your great uncle Silas' antique wooden desk sustain water damage when your basement flooded? Have the kids abused your dining room chairs to the point where the spindle backs are all detached from the seats of the chairs? Does the cat like to use the intricately carved wooden leg of your divan as a scratching post? Does your favorite old coffee table have ring stains where your husband always forgets to put a coaster down under his beverage while watching football? No matter what has happened to your favorite piece of furniture, wood repair is something we have been doing beautifully for well over two decades.

Some people may be hesitant to inquire about furniture wood repair, especially for antique or heirloom pieces, because there is a prevailing (yet incorrect) notion in some circles that refinishing, polishing, touch-ups or deeper wood repairs will diminish the value of the piece in question. Fortunately, a short-lived furniture repair trade magazine called "Finishing and Restoration" corresponded with Peter Cook, the executive producer (back in 2002) of the popular PBS series, "Antiques Roadshow" to set the record straight. Cook responded to this notion by saying, "A well-executed, well-conceived restoration enhances the value of just about any old piece of furniture."* He also said that the only case in which furniture wood repair would not help was when the original piece was so lightly used and well preserved in the first place, that any alteration would indeed be a shame—but those are rare cases indeed.

For those wood furniture owners who are considering having wood repair work done on their furniture, let us just say that our very own Pro Furniture Doctor, Daniel Kim, has been working with wood since he was very young and has become an expert in wood furniture repair over the years. Take a look at our gallery to see what he and our staff of highly-trained wood repair experts have accomplished. Whether the wood is worn and needs refinishing, severely scratched, dented, broken, or even water damaged, we can take any piece of damaged wood furniture, repair it, and bring it back from the brink of disaster to the epitome of beautiful.

Since 1987, we have breathed new life into broken, weathered, scratched and damaged furniture, wood repair forming a large percentage of those repairs. More than 25,000 furniture repair customers all around Northern Virginia have relied on us to take care of some of their most prized and precious pieces of furniture. With our absolute dedication to quality, attention to detail, and good old honest, hard work, we can restore, refurbish and repair your wood furniture above and beyond your expectations. We combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with the latest technology to ensure that your furniture wood repair project comes back to you looking fabulous.

So if you've been hesitating on getting that special chair or table repaired, don't wait any longer. Call us today for expert wood furniture repair!

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